About Us

Beto and Rafa, two friends, two video directors, two locations. One project: sharing your story, your idea, your vision in motion.

Attack Films was born in 2011 as the result of a longtime friendship between these two video experts. Knowing each other since their college time, their path took different routes to meet again several times and eventually, to build Attack films.

Beto and Rafa share through their work a creative view of the world around them, their ability in putting on video other people’s ideas and push it all to the limits. Nothing is impossible, and if you think it is, they have the right camera to make it happen. No location is difficult, no light is bad, everybody can be an actor. You just need the right team, you just need to Attack.

Being aware that the world is changing and every day something new can be an experiment, the Attack team tries new techniques and applies them on all projects to be always up to date, and offering the best service on the field.

After 8 years on the market, Attack films established itself as a video producing company in different locations from South America to the US, from Europe to Canada. Always encountering a very wide range of clients, from the big corporates to the new coming “hip” companies, as well as independent productions.

All their works are special to them. From pre-production to post-production every project is always done with a specific perfect team to have the best results. The original content either for online or offline platforms is in their expertise, and they know how to work out what’s the best solution for every brief.

From advertising videos to company explainer and from capturing the best moments in your company at special events, to guerrilla marketing to help you being unconventional and unique, Beto and Rafa can deliver always the results you were hoping for.

Ilustração de Rafa Maretti

Rafa Maretti

He answers only to the nickname of Rafa. In is 20 years working in this field Rafa had the chance to work in London, LA and his hometown Sao Paulo. He is the other video director at Attack and he also coordinates the whole production process. Director, cameraman, photographer, editor, artistic director, actor trainer and sometimes even the cook.

After working between the others for MTV, Multishow, TRAMA and TV Brasil he developed an artistic view, spirit and intuition. From his experience he built a great network and developed his best talents.


Ilustração de Beto Baptista

Beto Baptista

Beto for friends, family and everybody else. Video director and producer since 2003. His experience ranges from music festivals in Brasil and US to working with TRAMA, Mixer, TX and DuoTV.
In his career he was the director for programs on Multishow and on TV cultura.
At Attack he is the director together with Rafael for advertising videos and he coordinates the team for the post-production and animation.
They say about him: creative, perfectionist and charismatic!